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Our technology services are designed to address modern businesses' complex and evolving needs. We deliver an extensive array of solutions engineered for efficiency, scalability, and robust security.

Our expertise encompasses the full spectrum of technology deployment and management lifecycle. This comprehensive approach guarantees that your vision is realized with optimal outcomes from the initial stage of idea inception and launch (Day 1), extending to ensuring long-term operational sustainability and continuous improvement (Day 2).

Our team is comprised of highly-experienced, hands-on consultants who have designed, deployed and operated technology at-scale, at customers large and small. Our commitment is to empower your business with cutting-edge technology that addresses immediate needs and strategically positions you for future growth and success.

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We believe every customer will be a multi-cloud organization at some point. That's why we design and build all our solutions around the premise of being cloud agnostic. Whether it is on-prem, hybrid, or multiple public clouds, we have you covered. No matter how early or advanced you are in your cloud journey, we can help with:> Cloud Architecture & Infrastructure > Cloud Optimization > Cloud-Native Development > Serverless & Containers > Scalability & Resilience > API Gateway & Service Mesh


Our DevOps consulting team at Next Orbit is a dynamic and collaborative group of experts dedicated to transforming traditional software development and IT operations into a seamless, efficient, and automated process. With a keen understanding of the intricate relationship between development and operations, our team excels in implementing cutting-edge DevOps practices. From continuous integration and delivery to automated testing and infrastructure as code, we guide our clients in adopting a holistic approach that accelerates development cycles, enhances collaboration, and ensures the delivery of high-quality, reliable software and infrastructure.> CI/CD Pipelines > Infrastructure as Code > Automation > Observability


Security is a key part of every engagement we're a part of. Whether it is network or infrastructure security, or it is application and access, we cover that and everything in between. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve and ensuring customers can always be confident in their security posture. Our areas of expertise include:> AppSec > Secure Supply Chain > IAM & PAM > SIEM > DevSecOps

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